Laser Treatment

Using the latest in laser technology, our expert clinicians are dedicated to providing customised treatments that will help you achieve the touchable skin you deserve.


Laser Hair Removal

Reduce the growth of unwanted facial and body hair with the trusted help and expertise of our laser hair removal clinic. Our experienced laser clinicians can help you achieve the smooth look you’ve always wanted, whether it be on your face, legs, bikini line, shoulders or back. We work one-on-one with both men and women to personalise a laser hair removal treatment that’s specific to your skin type as well as your particular needs.

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Pigmentation & Skin Spot Removal

An even and glowing complexion is something we all desire, especially as we age and our years in the sun begin to catch up with us. When it comes to appearance, everyone wants a complexion that’s smooth, glowing and projects an image of youthfulness. This desire for a youthful complexion becomes even stronger for some as they age, when lifestyle factors such as exposure to the sun can start to become apparent. At our skin clinic in Melbourne, we offer a pigmentation and skin spot removal service that can help reduce the visibility of sun spots, age spots and other blemishes, resulting in a fresher and younger-looking you!

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As important as veins are for transporting blood throughout the body, they can also make the skin look blemished and blotchy. If you suffer from spider veins, broken capillaries or rosacea, you’ll understand the self-consciousness that can be experienced, forcing you to cover up when you don’t really want to.

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