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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Questions and Treatments

Sensitive skin is generally not a condition unto itself; rather, it’s most commonly a symptom of another condition that becomes exacerbated by an additional factor such as a new skin care product or washing powder. Rarely are the conditions that cause sensitive skin serious, as they can often be relieved with a change of washing powder or cosmetic product. That being said, it’s important to be able to distinguish between skin that might be mildly irritated due to a change of product and sensitive skin that might be an indicator of an underlying problem.

If you suspect you might have sensitive skin, keep reading to find out about the signs and symptoms of skin sensitivity and how it can be treated.

What are the Signs of Sensitive Skin?

When you visit a dermatologist for sensitive skin, the specialist will typically look for a few different telltale signs. These can include signs of reaction such as skin pustules or skin bumps, dry skin that doesn’t offer suitable protection for the skin’s nerve endings, and an inclination towards the skin giving a flushed appearance. Sensitive skin can also become significantly vulnerable to breakouts, more susceptible to flaking and peeling, and more likely to burn easier and quicker when exposed to the sun.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Common causes of sensitive skin can include skin disorders such as eczema, rosacea and allergic contact dermatitis, as well as environmental factors such as the sun, the wind and extreme climate conditions, among others.

Every person has a fatty outer layer of skin called the lipid layer. This layer helps the skin to retain its moisture, all while protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, wind, heat and other damaging factors. When a person’s lipid layer is thinner, they’re more prone to experiencing sensitive skin.

How Can You Relieve Symptoms of Sensitive Skin?

Whether you’re prone to excessive dryness, red splotches, breakouts or allergic reactions, sensitive skin can be an inconvenience at best and an incredibly discomforting experience at worst – particularly if it leads to constant itching and scratching of the affected area.

At Laser Skin Solutions, we offer non-invasive, non-surgical treatments for people with sensitive skin. Treatment options we offer include:


Say goodbye to the dead and dry outer layer of skin with this safe and easy treatment that can be performed in your lunch break. Many customers come to us for microdermabrasion largely for the smooth and fresh feeling they experience after the treatment. Microdermabrasion involves cleansing the skin of its outer layer of dead and dry skin using a spray of micro-crystals to reveal a fresh and flawless layer of skin. In addition to dry skin, microdermabrasion can be used to minimise the presence of facial lines or wrinkles, skin texture problems, and various scarring issues.

Chemical Peels

Like the microdermabrasion treatment procedure which removes dry or dead skin to reveal fresh and youthful skin, the chemical peel achieves a similar result. But where microdermabrasion applies micro-crystals to clear away the top layer of skin, a chemical peel involves an experienced practitioner applying an active chemical solution to the skin, during which it begins to exfoliate the unwanted skin cells and trigger the repair and renewal of fresh skin underneath. In addition to benefiting sensitive skin, chemical peels can also be useful for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, acne and breakouts, congested skin, and more.

What’s the Best Way to Manage Sensitive Skin?

The best way to find out if you have sensitive skin, rather than suffering from an irritant that happens to be lingering at the time, is to consult a dermatologist who will be able to diagnose you. If they do determine that you have sensitive skin, there are numerous ways in which you can manage your condition so as to reduce the likelihood of symptoms from presenting themselves. When it comes to personal hygiene, most specialists recommend against using products that contain soaps and fragrances that can irritate the skin. Moisturising can also provide welcome respite from the symptoms of sensitive skin.



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